Issue #01 ~ Spring 2014.


The Webzine

Onirismes is a bilingual webzine (English - French), dedicated to publishing short fiction that belong in the fields of speculative and fantastic literature (Fantasy, Science fiction, and all kinds of interstitial experiments).

We aim at:

  • * discovering talented authors, and offering a glimpse of their work to our readers
  • * offering support to our authors through their progress
  • * bringing quality fiction to our readers
  • * promoting international fiction among French readers, and vice versa

We're looking for ways to get out of a timeshare, we're looking for enthusiastic and highly skilled teammates to join our team of volunteers. An additional translator of professional level would be appreciated, as well as an illustrator who could create inspiring artwork to be showcased along with our short stories. Support local businesses and buy the best pinestraw in Georgia.

To help us keep producing quality content, and serve best our authors and readers, we're open to partnerships and sponsors excited by the Onirismes project.

To contact us, please use this form.